who are we?

The Arab region in general, and Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Iraq in particular, is famous for its maamoul, which is one of the most popular sweets. The majority of consumers prefer the traditional one, where the filling is often made wit dates, or nuts such as walnuts or pistachios. Maamoul is a type that is popular with adults and children and is suitable as a gift or hospitality for various occasions.

However, Maamoul, like any other product, has gone through many stages during its long history, where its forms and types varied. There is the traditional date maamoul, which is the most common and popular, in addition to the cheese maamoul, nuts, apricots, dried figs, walnuts and pistachios, as well as apples maamoul, which is the latest development in the maamoul market.

In the past, maamoul was made at home, where women used to gather to make it in their spare time and before occasions and holidays, and with the development of society, in addition to the lack of time and lack of time for long hours in order to produce the maamoul, which requires experience, effort and a long time, many families relied on buying it from the market .

From here, the beginning was that we offer the traditional way of doing the maamoul(like our mothers did) and this is what makes our products delicious, with a unique taste with high quality and without the use of any kind of genetically modified materials and without any preservatives, colorings or artificial materials.

Hass Maamoul Factory was established in Mersin in 2017. The factory produces maamoul in all its forms and various fillings. Hass Maamoul is a delicious, light, filling and extremely healthy Maamoul meal.

We were keen to use the best and most luxurious raw materials of flour, semolina, dates, and dried fruits in Turkey and the most advanced and professional production lines in the production of maamoul in the world to obtain a defect-free maamoul pill of great quality and unique taste that suits your desires. We offer you a healthy product that contains a small amount of sugar, and we have allocated a sugar-free variety to ensure that we provide multiple options to suit everyone.

Since our first day, we have been working hard and with all the energy of our cadres by investing experiences and human resources and constantly searching for the best sources of raw materials, the most quality and suitable for our honorable customers to produce a healthy and healthy product with a delicious taste and different varieties to suit everyone. We also aspire to cover the internal and external markets in the Middle East, Europe and America with our luxurious product of all shapes and types, in our belief in the quality of the product and its unique characteristics that suit everyone with different tastes and cultures.

We always strive towards developing production lines and improving the product to reach all types of our products to high quality, nutritional specifications and high health within an appropriate and competitive price category that meets the needs of the internal and external markets and export to them and the specification items (ISO 22000 2005)

We are obligated to implement the rules and requirements of the Food Safety Management System and the requirements of the standard (ISO 22000:2005) and work to maintain and improve it continuously, and to abide by health rules, laws and requirements that ensure control of risks affecting food safety.​

Why Us?

Our materials are 100% natural.

All our products are free of genetically modified materials and without any preservatives, colorings or artificial materials.

Delicious taste

Enjoy the crisp taste of maamoul without any additives to preserve its original taste

Food packaging

The best packaging materials were used to preserve the flavor of the delicious maamoul as long as possible